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 Aurora Digital Arts is a Mom and Pop outfit that is at the drag strip in Alaska on every race day filming the events. We end up in the red every year, not to mention the hundreds of hours of labor that goes into it so obviously we're not in it for the money.  We've made lots of good friends at Alaska Raceway Park and enjoy watching the races up close and personal. Big news for 2013... we ended up $57 in the black. Time to take a vacation. We also design vector based posters and t-shirts.

R.I.P. Pass Time

Welcome To Aurora Digital Arts

LATEST NEWS We're hearing lots of rumors about who is building what to run at the track in 2015. Sounds like it's goig to be a very exciting year. Not to mention the fact that we're getting an oval track too.

We have finished building a little 15 minute movie to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of Alaska Raceway Park. It is now on YouTube HERE. Check HERE for more info on our upcoming project "The History of Drag Racing in Alaska".

We are still desperately looking for old movies and photos of drag racing ANYWHERE in Alaska, the Kenai, the interior, Anchorage (the short lived drag strip and legal authorized street racing).

 If you've raced at Alaska Raceway Park in the last 8 years and would like a DVD of your runs see the Movies page. Do not assume that we will build you a DVD because you ordered one last year. You have to let us know that you want one this year and some of you have already done that.

 "ALASKA RACEWAY PARK - THE MOVIE" which is also for sale in the ARP gift shop is now available online HERE. It's a 70 minute long compilation movie about drag racing in Alaska.

 Alaska Raceway Park Website

If you are a drag racer at Alaska Raceway Park looking for movies of your runs, click on the Movies tab in the navigation bar at the top or bottom of this page.

This should be your first stop when looking for drag racing videos in Alaska!

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